When a creative block hits

What do you do when you just don’t feel inspired creatively?

Lately I’ve been hit with what seems like a creative block that I can’t seem to overcome.

When I shot stills, it seemed pretty straight forward – I’d grab my cameras and go find subjects to shoot. But shooting video isn’t the same thing.

Video requires a level of shooting methodology that can seem rigid and somewhat uncreative. I got into shooting video because it allowed for telling more in depth stories. But lately it seems like nothing strikes me as worth telling. I’m actually beginning to miss the days of shooting film. I could grab my 35mm cameras – or grab my 4×5 field camera and go on a photo shoot just for the sake of shooting. But I have somehow lost that drive since making the move to video – as if video has become the master of practicality instead of being my muse for creativity.

I’m not sure how to find a creative spot with shooting video. Maybe it’s the time of the year – but lately I’ve viewed video as a sterile medium that presents facts only – without much in the way of being creative. I’ve recently been going through my archives of b/w prints and stock slides that I shot years ago and I can still remember many of those instances of when I went out to shoot just for the sake of shooting. I can’t seem to find that same drive when it comes to video.

I’m not sure what to do to overcome this – maybe it will require a drastic shift that takes me back to shooting stills and adding audio narrative to create slide shows that tell a story.

I have alot to think about now.

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